Are you bothered about your scalp looking blotchy, shiny and unattractive? Has male pattern baldness, alopecia or indeed accident scars robbed you of your mane of hair. Hair transplants are often ineffective and always expensive.

A patented and safe way to achieve a sophisticated 'buzz' or razor shaved look, quickly and effortlessly is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) or Scalp Tattooing.

Eve is the resident Brighton expert of scalp aesthetics and can work with you to boost your flagging confidence and give you a hip new 'hair style' to put you back in the game.

Semi-permanent make-up is a growing trend in Brighton and all over the United Kingdom. Involving the deposit of 100% natural, emollient and fragrance free pigments in the upper dermis layer of the skin, it has become the go-to option for women who want to look great permanently.

Eve uses her experience to employ precision needles competently and offers her clients eyebrow resurrections, lash thickening, lip definition and eye contouring services.

Eve prides herself on providing a natural and highly sophisticated look at extremely competitive prices. Because she has a track record of 14 years of decorative tattooing excellence to her name, being a semi-permanent makeup artist is something she personally enjoys.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Semi-Permanent Makeup

How To Work With Eve

The Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, run by AAM member Eve Pleavin runs out of 48 Norfolk Square, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2PA.

You can either drop directly by or call on the number 0774 616 5233 to either set up an appointment or opt for a free consultation.

Every service is backed by Eve's privacy and quality guarantees. Read more in the Guarantees section below.

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Velvet Pigmentation Clinic’s core mission is to help those who struggle with presenting themselves in the best way possible.

From baldness that can make a man feel/look older than he is, to women that struggle to apply perfect makeup; Velvet understands how important and sometimes sensitive this can be to the individual and so in a bid to make ‘perfect’ possible it offers a number of guarantees:


Eve also assists out of Brighton clients by suggesting affordable accommodations.
This is the going ‘above and beyond’ that characterizes Velvet Pigmentation Clinic.


 Looking for expert micropigmentation services in Brighton? Contact the Velvet  Pigmentation Clinic run by tattoo artist and aesthetics expert Eve Pleavin.

 Call 0774 616 5233 to arrange for a free scalp micropigmentation session or semi-  permanent make-up procedure consultation.

 You can also drop by the cosy Velvet office at 48 Norfolk Square (on Western Road),  Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2PA. The tea is on us!

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New to the concept of micropigmentation? Want to go in for SMP or Semi-permanent make-up but don’t know the lingo? This quick glossary of micropigmentation terms will allow you to have rewarding conversations with your pigmentation artist without stumbling or feeling inadequate.


1. AAM – The American Academy of Micropigmentation or the AAM is considered the gold standard in the field of micropigmentation and body aesthetics. Founded in 1992, it is a congregation of dedicated physicians, nurses, cosmetologists and electrologists who strive to provide quality pigmentation services and espouse a life-long policy of learning to stay up to date regarding trends and breakthroughs. It is highly recommended that for sensitive procedures like Scalp Micropigmentation and Semi-permanent make-up, the artist you choose be an active member of AAM or an equivalent monitoring community.

2. Analgesic – An analgesic is a class of drug used to reduce or eliminate pain and mild-swelling. Even though the process of micropigmentation is relatively painless because of shallow needle penetrations, sometimes artists may recommend a course of analgesics after the procedure to combat the mild swelling and tenderness.

3. After-care – In micropigmentation parlance, after-care is the set of rituals and precautions prescribed by an artist to ensure that the newly pigmented area heals as planned and once the healing process is complete, the desired effect of the procedure is preserved till the top-up session.


1. Brow Definition – Also referred to as eye-brow definition, it is one of the most popular micropigmentation services from the niche of semi-permanent make-up. Brow definition involves creating individual pigment strokes to supplement the thickness of or to better accentuate the shape of over-tweezed, sparse or light eyebrows. Depending upon the skill and technique of your artist you can ask for:

- A dramatic pencilled effect

- A natural softer powder effect

- Hair stroke look

- Powder-hair stroke combination look

2. Buzz cut – A buzz cut is a hairstyle that is created using electric clippers. It is traditionally very short and symbolizes masculinity and ease of maintenance. Some popular buzz cuts include Crew Cut, Butch Cut and Flattop. A buzz cut is a popular choice for men undergoing scalp micropigmentation sessions because it is both stylish and easy to replicate using pigment deposits. Many celebs have been recently spotted sporting buzz cuts.


1. Cosmetic tattooing – Cosmetic tattooing is another name for micropigmentation. This is because the concept and the tools of traditional tattoos are refined and used for cosmetic purposes.


1. Dermal layer(s) - Human skin is composed of two dermal layers protecting the underlying tissues from injury, heat and light. The outer layer is called the epidermis and the inner layer is called the dermis. When the tattoo needle penetrates to reach the epidermis, the procedure is said to be ‘semi-permanent’. But when penetrations reach the dermal layer, it is a traditional tattoo and is said to provide permanent results.

2. Deposits – In micropigmentation terminology, deposits refer to the miniscule blobs of colour pigment transferred to the epidermis or the dermis with the help of a tattoo needle.


1. Epidermal layer – The outer dermal layer of the skin that acts as a receptacle for pigments in semi-permanent procedures is known as the epidermis.

2. Eye-definition – A very sought after micropigmentation process, eye definition involves depositing tiny dots of pigment along the upper and the lower lash lines to give an impression of dense lash growth and to make the eyes pop with better contouring.

3. Eye-liner – Another popular procedure, this involves using pigments of chosen colour to re-create the look of a stroke of eyeliner. It can be subtle and thin or dramatically bold.


1. Fading – An issue with permanent pigmentation, fading refers to the gradual leaching away of the original hue of the tattoo pigment because of exposure to UV rays or normal biological breakdown by the action of the microphanges found under the dermal layer of the skin. Fading tends to leave ugly blue-green stains.


1. Hair Transplant – It is an invasive, surgical procedure in which hair follicles are removed from an area of the body called the donor site to the balding area known as the recipient site. Hair transplant sessions are costly and the success rate is unpredictable. Moreover they also leave behind scars which are often disguised by scalp micropigmentation processes.


1. Invasive – A procedure is termed as invasive when it penetrates the skin to reach the body cavity. All micropigmentation processes are non-invasive and non-surgical.


1. Lip definition – This service is generally used to give a better shape to the lip for clients who have been affected by the inevitable sagging of skin around the mouth; distorting the pout. It is also a great option for people with very pale lips looking for a subtle yet striking enhancement to the bow.

2. Lip Blush – This service is very popular amongst clients who have pale lips and want a dash of colour to create an illusion of plumpness.


1. Micropigmentation – Micropigmentation is the insertion of coloured pigment deposits in the dermis or the epidermis to beautify and re-define a facial feature or to give the illusion of a full head of hair. Even though micropigmentation is referred to as ‘permanent’ cosmetics, clients should keep in mind that they can choose both permanent and semi-permanent results.


1. Needles – Needles refer to the implement of choice of micropigmentation artists. They are very different from the ones used for sewing and other household purposes. The precision needles used by artists have three distinct parts. The needle bar, the needle group and joining the two – the stopper.

The needle bar is the part of the needle that breaks the skin and the group is responsible for injecting the pigment.

Micropigmentation needles come in a variety of sizes. At Velvet single needles of varying tip thicknesses are used to achieve realistic simulation of hair follicles in SMP treatments.

Micropigmentation Glossary


1. Pigments – In tattooing terminology the ink is often referred to as the ‘pigment’. This is not an accurate definition though because the injected ink is created by mixing dry pigment with a carrier. The pigment is thus the basic colour with which designs and aesthetic work are rendered. At Velvet 100% organic pigments are used and they are completely free from metallic oxides.

2. Penetration – This refers to the depth up to which a micropigmentation artist inserts the needle bar. If the needle deposits pigments in the epidermis, the process yields semi-permanent results. However if the penetration reaches the dermis, the procedure is said to be permanent in nature and is obviously more painful than the former.


1. Razor cut - A short cut which is styled with a razor.


1. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) – Scalp Micropigmentation refers to the process by which pigment is deposited in the epidermis or the dermis to simulate the look of a head full of healthy hair follicles. To learn more about how SMP is carried out at Velvet and the various styles you can choose from, please read the content here.

2. Scabs – As soon as the tattoo needle penetrates the skin, the nerve endings send out a warning to the brain and the healing process is initiated. In micropigmentation since the needle tip has a very fine point and the artist has a deft hand, the wound is not deep and a scab or a protective crust is almost immediately formed to protect the area from infections.


1. Top –up sessions – Delicate micropigmentation work calls for renewals or top-up sessions after every 18 months to ensure that the crispness and appeal of the original look is maintained. Top-ups involve re-depositing the pigment in the areas where early signs of fading or discoloration are evident.

Who Is Eve And What Does She Offer?

The Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, Brighton is an affordable, friendly and professional undertaking by skilled tattoo and aesthetics artist Eve Pleavin. It:

- Offers cutting edge techniques like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) for men with hair loss issues

- Re-defines the art of semi-permanent make-up with services like brow thickening and shaping, lip definition and eye contouring

- Is a warm, inviting and relaxed place run according to the latest micropigmentation hygiene and compliance guidelines

For a free consultation, call  0774 616 5233

Expert Micropigmentation for a Confident, Flawless Look!

Brighton Pigmentation Clinic


Quirky yet extremely professional, Eve immediately puts you at ease with her confident manner and her sympathetic consultations. Located in Brighton, East Sussex she is a veteran tattoo artist and micro pigmentation expert who has been practicing her craft for more than 14 years.

Driven by a desire to take her talent in tattooing beyond the realm of the purely decorative, Eve transitioned into the domain of micro pigmentation (semi-permanent make-up) seven years ago and more recently scalp micropigmentation (SMP) within the chic Velvet Pigmentation Clinic.

Eve is a respected micropigmentation professional in Brighton who is already gathering rave reviews for her deft and natural work. A member of American Academy of Micro-pigmentation (AAM), she regularly liaises with the US experts who are bringing innovation into this nascent field. She took her knowledge and experience to the next level with advanced training under Pigmentalia, Beauty Medical and Goldeneye in 2015.

SMP is relatively new, Eve is reaching out to many people who are suffering but do not know of this initiative solution to hair loss. ‘It’s not a common topic of conversation’. She has had features in local magazines such as Gscene and Inside Sussex as a local SMP expert and national magazine ‘Attitude’.

Eve caters to a variety of demographics including men suffering from MPB aged between 25 – 65, Alopecia sufferers, cancer patients, women with hair loss problems.

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