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Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, located in London, Brighton and Portsmouth, is an affordable, friendly and professionally bespoke clinic with treatments performed by skilled tattoo and aesthetics artist Eve Pleavin and her team. Velvet is a warm, inviting and relaxed place run according to the latest micropigmentation hygiene and compliance guidelines.

Delivering Incredible Replications Of Real Hair.

Going bald can be a difficult experience for many men, and indeed for women too.
At our clinics in London, Brighton and Portsmouth we offer our clients the freedom from hair loss anxieties and begin to restore a more youthful appearance and build confidence.

Eve Pleavin

Eve is the founder of Velvet Pigmentation Clinic and a nationally recognised expert in hair replication procedures. Performing tricopigmentation/SMP procedures at our London, Brighton and Portsmouth clinics.

Lindsey Sayer

Lindsey Sayer is a talented scalp micropigmentation specialist and Clinic Co-ordinator.Lindsey has been working alongside Eve for over a year receiving intensive and bespoke training, as well as training at level 4 with Brandwood and Finishing Touches.

Alice Laird

Alice Laird is a scalp micropigmentation technician with several years experience. Based at our London clinic, she has treated hundreds of clients. Alice was trained through Vinci Clinic and joined the team in 2017.

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