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With locations across the south of England in London and Brighton, Velvet Pigmentation Clinic offers our customers a friendly and professional service at competitive prices. We provide clients with bespoke treatments using the latest micropigmentation guidelines for standard procedures including hygiene.

Our team is headed by the skilled tattooist and aesthetics artists Eve Pleavin, who is considered an expert in her field. With a background in tattoo art and permanent make-up, she now focuses on offering scalp micropigmentation services.

The small team values the relationship between the client and the clinician to offer treatments that builds confidence. A pioneer in the field, we bring you the knowledge and experience necessary to combat pattern baldness and find a solution to suit you.

SMP treatments, scalp micropigmentation and scalp tricopigmentation are the main services we offer as an aesthetic company. In addition to hair restoration treatment, we also offer dermiplas skin tightening treatments. A typical treatment will include a consultation, an initial session for creating the shape definition, a second session for filling in, and a third session to perfect the treatment and offer aftercare guidance. Through this process, we will together consider the hairline styles, and how much the various options for you will cost.

Additionally, if you are looking into a career in SMP, at Velvet we also offer training on both a short term and long-term basis. You can see what to expect from our range of testimonials and reviews, as well as examples in our gallery.

For further details, please consult our blog or YouTube, or get in touch with us through our contact page.

Delivering Incredible Replications Of Real Hair.

Going bald can be a difficult experience for many men, and indeed for women too.
At our clinics in London and Brighton we offer our clients the freedom from hair loss anxieties and begin to restore a more youthful appearance and build confidence.

Eve Pleavin

Eve Pleavin

Eve is the founder of Velvet Pigmentation Clinic and a nationally recognised expert in performing Tricopigmentation/SMP procedures at our London and Brighton clinics. She was the first Technician in the UK to undertake both semi-permanent and permanent SMP. She often receives referrals from Hair transplant surgeons for clients not suitable for a hair transplant or needing extra densification to their HT.

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Alice Laird

Alice Laird

Alice was trained at Vinci Hair Clinic in 2015. She enjoyed working with this global company and was sent to Vancouver, Texas, Miami and Berlin to train new technicians or cover busy periods. With her passion and her great client care it has taken her to where she is now working for smaller, personal, independent companies such as Velvet. She is available in both London and Brighton locations.

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