A Typical Treatment

Standards Overview

The scalp micropigmentation process described here is used by Eve, founder and proprietor of Velvet Pigmentation Clinic and her team, all clinics comply with industry standards for hygiene and safety. We always use surgical grade disposable gloves, disposable equipment and needles for the procedures and favours 100% natural pigments for a high-quality finished look.

Step 1: Consultation

The very first step towards a restored natural hairline is the consultation process. Eve and her team discuss the client’s desires sympathetically and offers many design options to suit the client’s wishes. The important factors to consider are:

  • The baldness and how far it has advanced.
  • The facial structure of the client.
  • The follicle density and pattern of the original roots.
  • The skin tone of the client.
  • The shade of the remaining hair.

The final look of the frontal hairline as well as the side profiles is decided upon by mutual consideration and consent. A health questionnaire is completed by the client and we also enquire about reactions to past tattooing experiences and anaesthetic preferences.

All clients also undergo a brief patch test. We find this puts a lot of clients at ease, and it is also useful for double-checking against any allergic or adverse reactions.

Step 2: First Session Involving Shape Definition

Eve or a member of her team will draw on the agreed hairline with a white pencil, amendments can be made until both are happy. She then applies the optional topical anaesthetic. It is natural for apprehensions to crop up and these are discussed in detail with any last-minute Q and A between the technician and the client.

The marked area is implanted with thousands of tiny dots to mimic the original follicle density.

Eve and her team are experienced professionals who use state of the art equipment designed for the sole purpose of scalp pigmentation, coupled with an extremely fine single needle so that the shape and shade of the deposited pigment can match to the original follicles of the client. The depth of the needle penetration can also vary due to scalp thickness, the presence of fatty tissues and other factors.

Step 3: Second Session Filling In

Medicinal and herbal concoctions are used to stem hair loss and for many this can be very expensive over the years... but do they work?

Transplants are costly surgical procedures. But the success rate is dubious at best. Many people complain of itching and allergies. Some procedures result in no hair growing from the transplanted follicles and other problems like shedding of the hair that does manage to grow put people off from these recourses.

For the lucky ones that it does work for SMP is an excellent partner, it can make the transplanted area look much denser giving the appearance of thick hair and more coverage.

Step 4: Third Session For Perfection

Most but not all clients need a third session however we always want to perfect your treatment and see the healed result.

An after-care package is received by the client to take home. This includes detailed written instructions, specially formulated serum and the best shampoo to use post treatment.