Tricopigmentation or permanent scalp micropigmentation? Which should I choose?

People sometimes consider tricopigmentation a safer option, or an opportunity to test drive their new look and maintenance regimen before committing long term using permanent SMP. However, some people who choose tricopigmentation do so with the intention of getting it regularly topped up, and have no plans to revert to the permanent option.

The availability of a temporary procedure definitely encourages more people to resolve their hair loss issues because tricopigmentation is less daunting for those who are yet to be convinced that SMP is the right solution for their needs. If, after their procedure, they feel like they made a mistake, the pigments will fade on their own over a relatively short period anyway. This removes much of the anxiety from the decision.

However, permanent scalp micropigmentation, applied correctly, does retain the option to be lightened or removed via laser. The treatment therefore, is not quite as ‘permanent’ as first thought. Furthermore, laser treatment is not as expensive or painful as some tricopigmentation-based clinics will have you believe.

Permanent SMP creates a softer look than tricopigmentation, due to the pigment being a diluted carbon-based solution which is quite viscous, implanted with a 3 needle group. Tricopigmentation pigment is thicker, thus implanting an intensely coloured (or highly concentrated) micro dot with a specialist single needle. However, a new thicker permanent pigment will be available soon, thus lessening the asthetic differences between tricopigmentation and the permanent alternative.

How do the costs compare?

The average client with advanced hair loss will pay £1,950 for a treatment procedure. Assuming a top-up every 3-4 years for permanent SMP and an average top-up cost of £500, the cost over 10 years will be around £3,450.

For tricopigmentation, the same client will pay £1,950 for their procedure, and require a £500 top up session every 12 months. Therefore, the cost over 10 years will be around £6,500.

More information is available on our scalp micropigmentation costs page.

Which is the best solution?

There’s no right answer to this question. Tricopigmentation is definitely an ideal option for many people. You could argue that the procedure is more flexible, because if the client changes their mind after the procedure, laser removal is not required.

I have been laser removing tattoos for 5 years. I have a deep understanding of various pigment characteristics, needle sizes and combinations due to years of experience in tattooing, body piercing and permanent make-up. I can honestly say that no solution is better than the other. It depends entirely on your personal requirements and circumstances, and of course your tolerance for maintenance. This is exactly the reason why we offer both procedures, to enable our clients to make an informed choice with the assistance of an unbiased technician who is well versed in both procedures..

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