Which celebrities have had scalp micropigmentation?

Celebrities have embraced cosmetic surgery for as long as the option has existed, and less invasive procedures are considered routine among those in the public eye. So what about scalp micropigmentation? How many celebrities have had the procedure now?

Of course, the answer is not entirely clear. Speculation is certainly rife, with everyone from LeBron James to Jamie Foxx suspected of adding a little ink to the mix. The reality of course, is a little different. Many have had the procedure but will never talk about it, however some celebrities have been happy to talk about their scalp micropigmentation experience.

At Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, our most recent celebrity client was Chris Steed of Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

After losing his hair from age 16, Chris spent years wearing expensive hair systems before eventually going under the knife for two hair transplant procedures. Although his surgery was successful, choosing Dr Asim Shahmalak, the same surgeon who worked his magic on Calum Best, Chris wanted the appearance of more density. I performed his procedure at our Brighton clinic, and Chris is thrilled with the result.

A number of other celebrities are known to have had scalp micropigmentation, mostly in the United States, although a few in the UK too.

  • Quinton Fortune – The ex-Manchester United star had a procedure in 2013.
  • Daniel Johnson – Barber to the England football team and a number of Premiership players, Daniel J had his procedure in 2012.
  • Adee Phelan – A celebrity hairdresser, TV personality and owner of a chain of high end salons across London, Adee had scalp micropigmentation in 2013.
  • Andros Townsend – Although his choice of technician remains a mystery, Andros almost certainly had scalp micropigmentation in early 2017.

Will we see more celebrities getting inked in 2017?

Certainly, we will. The list of celebrity recipients is far longer in the United States, proving that scalp micropigmentation is a viable option for those who spend a lot of time in the spotlight. We are also aware of two major celebs in the UK who have had SMP, but want to keep it a secret.

As momentum and awareness builds, it is only a matter of time before an extremely high profile celebrity has the procedure and is willing to talk about it.

The most important factor, as with any client, is realism. No-one wants a bad quality treatment, least of all those who face constant public scrutiny. As methods have improved and overall standards have raised exponentially in recent years, many more famous people are now coming forward to have the procedure. This trend is surely set to continue.