The number of SMP sessions you are likely to need.

One of the most common questions we are asked by our scalp micropigmentation clients is: How many sessions will I need?

It’s perfectly understandable why clients would like to know in advance. We all have commitments, be they work, family or social, so it is helpful to know how many times we are likely to have to travel to Velvet Pigmentation Clinic for treatments. With each session of course comes considerations around travel, (possibly) accommodation, annual leave, childcare and of course, financial considerations too.

It can actually be very difficult to predict exactly how many sessions will be needed. This is also heavily influenced by the choice of procedure. If the client chooses a permanent scalp micropigmenation treatment, rather than a tricopigmentation procedure (we offer both), the variables are different.

Permanent SMP

A number of factors come into play that can affect how the pigments settle in the skin, and appear over the coming days. Permanent procedures involve the placement of pigment at a slightly deeper depth than tricopigmentation, making the pigments more vulnerable to absorption. This is a normal and easily managed factor, but it does make it harder to predict the number of sessions before treatment starts.

The good news is that the situation becomes much clearer after your first session. When you return for your second treatment session, we have the perfect opportunity to assess how the pigment deposits from your first session have healed and settled into the skin, and how much fading has taken place. At this stage, we are usually able to provide an accurate estimate of how many further sessions are needed.

Most permanent scalp micropigmentation treatments are completed in 2-4 sessions.


The main difference between permanent SMP and tricopigmentation, is the penetration depth. Pigments are placed at a more superficial depth with tricopigmentation, making them less vulnerable to absorption. The process is also more scripted than permanent SMP, making the clients progress easier to predict.

Most tricopigmentation treatments are completed in 3 sessions.

Important considerations

At Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, we always aim to provide an estimate wherever possible of how many sessions you will need. Not only does this make the process clearer for you, it also helps us to plan around your individual treatment requirements and schedule our technicians accordingly. It is in everyone’s interest to provide an accurate timeline, as early as possible.

That said, the skin is a living canvas and is less predictable than, say, a sheet of paper. Every clients skin is different, even from one part of the scalp to the next, and can also react differently to the treatment when treating the same area on two different days.

Also remember the end goal is to produce the most natural results possible. This process cannot (and should not) be rushed. Of course we understand that our clients have lives and commitments, and we do what we can to enable our clients to plan ahead. However, if a client needs three or four sessions, time should be allowed for those sessions, rather than trying to squeeze the process into two sessions for example.

Trust the process, as it is proven to produce the best results. If you have any questions about the number of sessions you’re likely to need, please contact us.