Who is getting scalp micropigmentation done?

The brave is what I say! It’s easy for me to say, I know how fantastic and natural it looks as I see it every day. However those who want the appearance of a full head of hair may be concerned (sceptical) of how it will look on them and what people might say.

Typical questions asked at the consultation: How will it look on me? Will people notice? Will it be painful? How will it look in the future?

I find it fascinating how the client has come to their decision to have it done and what their expectations are (not only in how it will look but how it may change their life, if at all). What is/will be the view of their partner or family and friends. What is their motivation?

Is age a factor?

The older generation generally are more cautious/skeptical and dread the thought of anyone knowing, I believe due to fear of ridicule and outdated attitudes to hairpieces and other hair loss solutions. My oldest client is 65, his wife and daughters don’t even know he has worn a hairpiece for the last 25 years, or at least they haven’t let on to him.

Down the other end of the age range – the guys in their 20’s are often still concerned with people knowing, they tend to be embarrassed of their hair loss at such a young age. They are trying every lotion and potion to disguise it. I asked one client ‘How will your family react to the change?’ He said ‘I don’t think they will notice as they haven’t seen me without a hat on for years!’ It was rewarding to see him come in to the clinic on his 3rd visit without his hat on.

The most positive age group is the 30’s/40’s. They usually are excited, telling me all the people that are waiting to see how it will look. Often they say they don’t mind their hair the way it is but if they can improve it then ‘Why not?’ One client runs a ‘Gentlemans Club’ in Brighton. He says all his female staff know he had it done, and they say it looks fantastic..

Who isn’t having it done?

The fearful? Not necessarily. The pessimist? Probably! The easily influenced? Most likely, too much listening to others unfounded negative views. Incentives my clients have given me include:

  • Looking younger to attract potential partners.
  • Appearance and confidence for job interviews – one of my clients runs a successful recruitment agency in London, he has referred a few of his own clients to me to get them looking their best for interviews and boost their confidence!

My findings:

Based on my client demographics so far, the data shows:

  • 16% of clients are in their 20s.
  • 63% of clients are in their 30-40s.
  • 21% are aged 50+.
  • 49% are gay.
  • 54% earn above £40,000 per annum.
  • 90% want a very natural looking hairline.
  • 67% of clients are fine for me to display their before/after pics on my website. These tend to be in the 30-40 age group with 75% saying yes.

Other locations may have different results. For example, my friend Jane Hargreaves, a technician based in Liverpool, has a higher proportion of clients wanting a more sharp and defined look. This tallies with the general consensus that areas with a larger proportion of ethnic clients, are more likely to cater for sharper, less subtle, more modern styles.

Here in Brighton, we see a much larger proportion of gay clients in comparison to other clinics. Although we’re generalising to a certain extent, we find that gay clients are often more open to sharper styles, whereas straight clients are more likely to choose a softer, ultra-natural look.

I asked Paul Flower at Brandwood Clinic in Birmingham about their findings, to see if there was any correlation:

The bulk of our clientele are generally aged 30-45, and the less time they’ve lived with their hair loss, the more likely they are to book a procedure. They’re actively seeking a solution.

Then I asked about those who shy away from the treatment, and what their reasons are for doing so:

The pessimistic and fearful types are generally those who’ve had bad experiences in the past, bad transplants or whatever. A large portion though are reassured by the time we take answering questions in the consultation process. It’s the confidence we give them in that time that generally helps.

At Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, we believe that many more people will have it done when ‘The Brave’ have shown them all how great it is. The nervous are generally averse to being first in line. However, as the industry develops, more examples of aged treatments can be seen.

Of course, as people realise that most of the scare stories simply aren’t true when a great technician is chosen, the barriers are tumbling down as more people understand the process, and how it can help them overcome anxieties relating to their own hair loss.