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Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost UK

Permanent Scalp Micropigmentation

If you're thinking about getting permanent scalp micropigmentation, you may be wondering about the cost. Permanent scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is slightly more expensive than semi-permanent tricopigmentation, but still compares favourably against other solutions like hair transplant surgery, hair systems, pills and potions. A kind of hair tattoo, the procedure is highly technical, and the cost is reflected in that.

At Velvet Pigmentation Clinic, we always aim to provide the lowest cost procedures while maintaining the highest possible standards at all times. If you are currently asking yourself 'How much does scalp micropigmentation cost in the UK? then please refer to the following price list.

  • Hairline reconstructions – From £800
  • Scar camouflage – From £450
  • Crown/Mid-sized area £1250 - £1750
  • Full head procedure – Large sized area - £1750 to £2500
  • Full head and scar camouflage – £POA
  • Alopecia areata treatments – £450 to POA
  • Full head alopecia treatments – £2500 to £3200

Permanent scalp micropigmentation procedures need top-ups every 3-5 years. Top-ups cost less than the initial procedure. Please ask for details if you would like to know more about the cost of permanent scalp micropigmentation top-up treatments.

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