Scar Rejuvenation

Micro-needling is an excellent solution to reduce the appearance of raised or white scars. A much better result is achieved for camouflaging the scar with SMP if micro-needling treatments have been undergone beforehand. The treatments are affordable with virtually no downtime however patience is needed for the results to be visible.

Micro-needling for scars works in two ways: one it physically breaks the tightly fused fibres in the area, therefore, allowing the skin to relax. Two, it causes the production of new collagen in the area. A scar that may be raised (hyper-trophic) will become flatter and a scar that may be white can become the same tone as the surrounding skin.

Before Treatment

Before Scar Rejuvenation Treatment

After Treatment

After 3 Sessions of Scar Rejuvenation Treatment