Dermiplas Skin Tightening Treatments

This is a low-pain procedure which achieves incredible, permanent results within only a few weeks of treatment. The process continues to develop after the treatment is complete.

  • Treatment Prices: Initial | Follow up
  • Upper/lower eye area : £200 | £100
  • Both : £300 | £160
  • Crows Feet : £180 | £100
  • Brow Lift : £200 | £120
  • Upper Lip : £180 | £100
  • Nasolabiel Fold : £150 | £90
  • Lower Face Lift : £300 - £00
  • Skin Tag Removal : £50
  • Stretch Marks : POA

How does it work?

The hand piece produces a tiny plasma flash which leaps from tip to the skin in a micro sized point. This superficial point minimises the skin in its immediate vicinity –reducing excess skin and tightening the area. A series of tiny dots are strategically placed to attain the desired result.The treatment continues to work by stimulating collagen production and helps to release/activate other important proteins in the dermis to regenerate ageing skin.

What should I expect?

After the treatment, small crusting's are visible, which disappear after 5-7 days. After that, a mild redness (new regenerated skin) appears. The full effect can take up to 12 weeks to develop. No bleeding is expected during the procedure. This non-surgical procedure can be completed in just 30 minutes and visibly lifts the skin around the treated area.

How long does it last?

1-4 treatments may be required for optimal results, depending on the current condition and the age of the client. Time between treatments is 6-8 weeks and the results should last 2-5 years.

Before (Left), After (Right).

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