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Desmond Byrth - Brighton

From seeing the advert, it took me 6 months to build the courage to visit for a consultation, as I had a fear of needles and did not know anyone who had undertaken scalp micropigmentation. I found Eve and the staff at Velvet Pigmentation Clinic very friendly and supportive. We fully discussed the results I wanted to achieve before treatment started.

After 3 sessions I am extremely pleased with the results and can’t stop telling everyone and looking in the mirror. There was little pain, more of a discomfort when the treatment was being carried out, which had been my biggest fear. I would recommend the treatment to anyone with hair loss.

Steave – Worthing

I am so happy with the results so far. I just love asking friends, after a while of being with them, if they notice anything different about me…. and then I say my hair and they go….. “OMG have you had it tattooed? It looks amazing and I couldn’t tell!”

Jake - Kent

I visited one of my closest friends this week and she didn’t even recognise I’d had my head done. She just thought, once I’d told her, that I’d cut it very close to my head. So its a mega success all round and I, of course, am the happiest man with my new look. Thank you and see you soon.

Clive Lauren – Brighton

I can’t believe how it is looking! So perfect and really natural thanks. All the girls I have told at work love it and can’t believe the quality of your work! I was always nervous of the final outcome as I work with so many females and appearance is important, but the end result is a lot of comments on how good and healthy I am looking at the moment! My scalp micropigmentation secret is safe and so good they didn’t realise until I told them! I will send you my before and after photos.

Going bald is sadly still a big taboo amongst men, but you have an option here that a lot of men would go for if only they knew about it. Let me know how I can promote SMP more for you as I can only thank you for your superb service, affordable pricing and excellent results. You deserve any work I can help put your way through the recommendations I am giving you. Many thanks again.

Stefan - Crawley

Thanks Eve. I had my first session last week and so far my family have said “It looks really natural and has framed my face really well”. My friends have said it looks natural and sexy! I feel great and my confidence has grown, can’t wait for my second session now. Also my friend Matt who also had it done with you said it’s the best money he’s ever spent.

R - Notting Hill

I was wondering why my friend was wearing his hair so short when he had so much of it, until he told me it only looked that much because of scalp micropigmentation. I couldn’t believe it, I’d never seen or heard of it before. He gave me your details and I booked in for 3 days later!