Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Accredited to Level 5

Scalp Micropigmentation Training

A Career in SMP

Would you like to begin an amazing career in one of the most exciting and rewarding industries in the UK. Then why not consider training as a Scalp Micropigmentation Technician with one of the UK’s leading artists, Eve Pleavin. Eve has developed a unique and bespoke training course following her 6 years of experience in both permanent and semi-permanent SMP. She was the first Technician in the UK to undertake both treatments and is excited about sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with those new to the industry or those wishing to develop their skills.

Depending on your level of experience there is a course ready and waiting for you to begin. From complete beginner to experienced technicians wishing to complete a masterclass with Eve.

Micropigmentation Training

Why Choose Velvet SMP Training?

Eve is renowned for her ethics and values within the industry and will ensure you feel confident to beginning your career without feeling left to flounder on your own. She offers bespoke training which considers the trainees level of experience and matches the course to their areas of need. She will go the extra mile to ensure you feel ready to go and practice and begin the next steps to one of the most rewarding and exciting careers available. You will work on real people.

Courses are from 5 – 8 days depended on experience and will be with a maximum of 2 students.

Eve will only train a maximum of 12 people in one year, this is to make sure all students will be given full after training support. It is highly recommended the course be split into 2 sections with around 3 weeks in between thus allowing time to absorb information and to allow the model's SMP to heal fully before analysing the results and embarking on session two. Spaces are limited due to the low number of students per year.

Velvet's training course prices may not be as cheap as others this is due to the quality conditions of training ie low student number, quality written content, many hours of practical on live models. It is advised that you have a chat with any potential trainer you are considering to make sure the course is right for you.

Locations are London and Liverpool.

Guide Prices :

  • 1 Day Introduction to Scalp Micro-pigmentation - £850
  • 5 Days Training - £4,950 (Accredited to Level 5)
  • 6 Days Training - £5,800
  • Add-on Day - Marketing for SMP from £500
  • Master class - Upgrade to Level 5 £950

  • All prices are for a single trainee, if you would like to train alongside one other trainee then the price will be reduced by 25%.

Course content and kit :

The full course comprises of a full manual with models supplied. However, if you wish to bring your own model we can charge them the model rate and refund you this amount, so you can continue to use them as a case study for your portfolio.

Take home kit will comprise of :

Needles, syringes, mixing pots, gloves, apron, masks, sleeve covers, mannequin latex head, a bottle of Alivio pigment, Alivio shade guide, white pencil, drawing pens, client forms and detailed 100 page manual, SMP booklet and marketing materials.

Do you want to be a model for our training? You will receive 25% - 50% discount, please ask for details.

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